Elliott Murphy
Just A Story From America


Oh won't you be my night connection
I'll give you true highway affection
Please don't ask where we're goin'
I'm tryin' to race the light
And we can drive all night drive all night
We got what's left and we got what's right
Drive all night

I never liked where we came from
And I tried to fight
We need development rearrangement
We need some dynamite
But if you'll be my reflection
We'll let our memories die
And we can drive all night
Drive all night
We got what's left and we got what's right
Drive all night

We'll hit the coast in a T bird called Teenage
We're heading out for a psychologically clean age
And if they stop us and ask where you goin'
We'll tell them we're going through

Oh won't you be my night connection drive all night
Oh give me soul map correction drive all night
And if the sun starts to catch us
We'll paint the windows black
And we can drive all night drive all night
We got what's left and we got what's right drive all night

Now you know what it feels like on a hot Sunday night
When you just can't go home cause things aren't quite right
So we sneak into your house; but it's the wrong one
Cause they all look the same; this town's just no fun

But we finally get it right and if your daddy knew he'd kill
Cause we just stole the key to his brand new Coupe de Ville
And we hit that highway about a hundred and one
And I hear this funny noise, man they're tryin' to spoil our fun

Drive all night

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You had bad dreams
You tore your sheets
You're beautiful when you cry

Caught in rain your sweater ran
Your breasts covered with dye
Your breasts all covered with dye

Threadbare oriental rugs
I love to watch you sleep
I'm drawn to you like an old cliche
And stilll the waters running deep
Running so deep

Rain was my drummer as I played guitar
I try to squeeze love out of steel
You are the reason I keep looking for
I remember summer meals
Charcoal fires and summer meals

After a week I could finally relax
You laugh at me all of the time
The flowers were dead the winter lay ahead
We laughed and drank Perrier with lime
Drinking Perrier with lime

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Just a story from America
He left his job and he looked at her
I've had enough he put down his cup
And every time she would fill it up

When she'd say
Get up when they put you down
But like a boxer
You just spin around
Your kind of guy is so very few
Don't ever let them get the best of you

And so he's working like a dog each day
And every week there'd be more overtime pay
And pretty soon he's got a Cadillac car
And on the weekends he would drive so far

And they don't slow down
America's such a speedy town
Hot clothes high society
He said it never get the best of me

And then he met a girl with hair like the sun
With social status she was number one
He left it all and he left downtown
A little voice follows him around

And it say
Get up they put you down
And like a boxer
You just spin around
Your kind of guy was so very few
I thought they'd never get the best of you

Just a story of America
Just a story fro in America
Just a story of America
Just a story from America

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When the moon was just right
We could turn off the light and just listen
And we'd pray to the night
And we'd hold on so tight
You could hear crystal stars as they'd glisten

Lovers in vain
Like to walk in the rain
Like to hear distant trains emotion
And the late radio
We would play it so low
No one must know this devotion

Rock ballad - Rock ballad
You know baby and I used to listen all night long
To the real slow song -Till the tears were gone

And these jobs and these schools
Teach romance is for fools
And the dream always ends upon waking
And we all kept our cool like a hustler shoot pool
And soon your whole life is spent faking

Cause to try is to fail
And as the wind left your sails
All you heard was the sound of their laughter
But I was running so fast
With the wind racing past
All r heard was a voice say "go after her"


And these soul clarinets
And the feelings we get
It's the songs of regret I remember
And we placed our last bet
On loves long shot request
As they spun the roulette that September

Now let's all raise our glass
For a drink to the past
And a drink to the last chance taken
And let's drink once again to our long lost friends
No, we can't let it end the surf's breaking

Rock ballad
Rock ballad

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You think too hard
You feel too little
Listen to me I've been caught in the middle
You left the band just to play your fiddle

I know her
Recognized by her boots and spurs
Recognized by the bodies in her path

Sweet Adeline
Adds a touch of her mommy's wine
Adds a touch of the blood watch the colors curl
And then we take it down to Madam Rue
You been saying for years
Just what that gypsy can do

Now we've thought so hard
We felt so little
Table for two put us right in the middle
Forget the band send over the fiddle
And baskets of care
Another basket of polluted air
Another drug, another dance craze, one more dare

Ship of fools
The last boat left without its rules
Left without its captain and his gun
Now everyday we stare into the sun
Maybe our vision's gone
But we're not as inclined to run

Now you think too hard
You feel too little
Listen to me I've been caught in the middle
There's only room for one lead fiddle
The sphinx is mad
They solved his riddle
You better watch out cause you know that kid'll

Give you too much and just a little bit'll
Send you down the middle
With your fiddles and your riddles
And bring you down
Bring you back to the sacred ground
Bring you back to where your bodies lie

This is the end
I've run out of words to send
Back to the troops left behind the lines
They'll have to find their gods on their own
Can't you see there's just no meat left on this bone

Now you think too hard
You feel too little
Look at me right in the middle
Think too hard
Felt much too little
One more time left in the middle
Thought too hard
Felt so little
Rock & Roll's left in the middle

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Anastasia please come home, your family's on the telephone
They know they left you all alone with your royalty
Oh and Anastasia you did nothing wrong
Your biggest sin was just being born
Aristocracy is like a crown of thorns it takes believers

Anastasia where can we go
The border guards they don't want to know
We need some time to relax and slow things down
And Anastasia I know what you mean
The revolution took away our dreams
Took away our fantasies gave us sewing machines
And the noise

And the jewels and the lights of those winter nights
And a little girl's eyes oh so wide
I'm not saying they were wrong to fight
But I know they were wrong to despise
Just the joy in a little girl's eyes

Anastasia please come home
Your daddy the czar is on the telephone
His little girl so lost and alone
It makes him cry

Oh and Anastasia if he only knew
I know he'd throw it away just to be with you
Just a family man that's nothing new
No reason to die


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Darlin' well I love your thrift shop clothes
And your garter belts and your hose
My imagination grows
When she calls me darlin'

And those San Francisco days
Collecting food stamps so afraid
Young lovers hide in the haze
Of their beauty

And now I love you even more
We're living rich to even out the score
But I see rich men oh so poor
They just talk to their drivers

I get embarrassed singing’ bout my love
It's like a steel fist hiding in a velvet glove
I don't want the world to turn it to
A grade B movie

And darling' I love your erotic pose
And your timing so carefully chose
As she casually takes off her clothes
And whispers darlin'
And in these days of rock 'n roll
And aerosol hot and cold
It's hard not to hide in the folds
Waiting for your deliverance

But she pushed me out in the world
She makes me charge with my flags unfurled
She gives me Errol Flynn's moustache,
I laugh at my rivals

And the odds are lookin' ten to one
And the Light Brigade shines so bright in the sun
You know everyone would like to run
But life is more than survival

Darlin' well the story goes on and on
And maybe Rhett Butler's wind is gone
But deserted mansions sing my song
It's not the wind going darlin'

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She said she felt guilty 'bout her parent's divorce
Said they blame it on me
I said of course
Isn't that the way that these things usually end
And I could have been better, could have been much worse
In helping her to get rid of this curse
And I said baby it's much too late to pretend

Let go, Let go
Forget about everything you used to know
This world's turning so fast, and we forget so slow
Baby let go

She said she felt funny in a pick up bar
I said so do I…do you have a car
I'll get the check and meet you right outside
And as I stood there waiting for my change
Everyone else acting exactly the same
Laughing too loud about jokes of earlier lives

Let go, Let go
Forget about everything you used to know
When you're tryin' that hard it's bound to show
Baby let go

And once in a while I get out my old photographs
Go through them quickly
I get rid of them fast
I try not to place any faces with their names
And then if I can I watch the six o'clock news
Or I read the newspaper and shine my new shoes
You can't let them get in the way

Let go, Let go
Forget about everything you used to know
This world's turning so fast we forget so slow
Baby let go

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Roll down your window
Your crying's got everything steamed.
Roll down your window
It's not as desperate as you make it seem
You're so young to have seen it
And now your vision is much too old and much too clear
You know I'm friends with that darkness you've been seeing
We dated once or twice in earlier years
And I know that you’re trying
And believe me I know that it's tough
But I've seen you when you're dancing with the children
Skip ahead to the lighter stuff

And tonight when they come I'll say they can't see you no more
Cause they'll draw out your life through a fine silver straw
And if I was a hero I would have fought them off at your door

And you thinking of your family
And your thinking it's been much too long
Because you need some of their innocence and their order
But that medicine is much too strong
And we're holding so tight and we're falling
And the funny thing is both are just the same
You know freedom will find its own amusement
And it looks like we've found a waiting game
So you torture yourself for that moment
When the only thing left is to feet
You know romantics may run free in the darkness
But come the light, they're the first to kneel

And tonight when they come I'll say they can't see you no more
Cause they'll draw out your life through a fine silver straw
And if I was a hero I would have fought them off at your door
But the lines we have drawn and the sides we have chose
And my own indecision how badly that shows

And, God damn, if I was a hero I would have kept our little world closed

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All Songs by Elliott Murphy ©1976 - Published by Elliott Murphy