Elliott Murphy
Night Lights

Night Lights
RCA Records APL1-1318

  1. 1. Diamonds By The Yard
  2. 2. Deco Dance
  3. 3. Rich Girls
  4. 4. Abraham Lincoln Continental
  5. 5. Isadora's Dancers
  6. 6. You Never Know What You're In For
  7. 7. Lady Stilletto
  8. 8. Lookin' For A Hero
  9. 9. Never As Old As You

Record By Record, Murphy By Murphy: Night Lights

This was supposed to be my "prodigal son returns home to New York" album and I guess it is. We recorded in Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village and much of the soul of the album is thanks to Ernie Brooks and Jerry Harrison, ex-Modern Lovers both. Steve Katz produced (Blues Project, Blood Sweat and Tears, Lou Reed) and brought ex-Velvet Underground legend Doug Yule to the sessions who played guitar and sang and my friend Billy Joel played piano on one song. Legendary Jazz bassist Richard Davis played the Upright Bass on "You Never Know What You're In For." Perhaps Night Lights has my favorite cover, shot on Times Square at 6 AM on a Sunday morning. "Diamonds By The Yard" only has three chords - perhaps my proudest achievement. "Lady Stilletto" was homage to Patti Smith who was also recording in Electric Lady Studios but Stilletto is also an anagram for St. Elliott!

Taken from Crossroads magazine