Elliott Murphy
Night Lights

Soul Surfing
Last Call Records 3074512

  1. 1. Come On Louann
  2. 2. Strangers On A Train
  3. 3. A Little Push
  4. 4. Eiffel Tower Blue
  5. 5. Fix Me A Coffee
  6. 6. Dragon
  7. 7. Irish Eyes
  8. 8. Tell Me
  9. 9. Doctor Of Mercy
  10. 10. Black Crow
  11. 11. Hold On
  12. 12. Nothing Can Take The Place Of You

Record By Record, Murphy By Murphy: Soul Surfing

For me, this was third in a trilogy that began with Beauregard and continued with Rainy Season. We recorded in Le Havre at Florent's studio and ate in the same Pizzeria almost every night. This was my first album with Danny Montgomery, a great U.S. Drummer also living in Paris who played with Percy Sledge and Ray Charles. Why are drummers always so funny? Originally I was going to do a soul album but finally I had enough songs of my own. The alternate title was The Heartbreak Club and Marc Ginot who lives in Montpellier and has done many covers for me shot the cover. Chloé, who worked for New Rose, did the design and I think its one of my best.

Taken from Crossroads magazine