Elliott Murphy

Living in Paris for 30 years as an expatriate New Yorker, veteran rocker and author Elliott Murphy's career in music and literature is more active than ever. He has released over 35 albums, still performs shows all over Europe as well as the U.S. and Japan and is a prolific author of fiction. Four decades have passed since the release of Elliott's classic first album Aquashow (1973) and fans continue to fill his shows while critics praise his albums. In 2016 a bio-pic of his career The Second Act Of Elliott Murphy featuring interviews with Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen was released all over Europe and won the Audience award at the Dock of the Bay Film Festival in Spain.

Born to a show business family, Elliott began his music career with a troubadour like odyssey in Europe in 1971 including a bit part in Federico Fellini's film Roma. Returning to the US he quickly secured a recording contract and following the success of his first album Aquashow came Lost Generation (Produced by Doors producer Paul Rothschild), Night Lights (featuring Billy Joel), Just A Story From America (featuring Phil Collins and Mick Taylor), and Selling The Gold (featuring Bruce Springsteen) all the way to his most current releases Prodigal Son (2017), Elliott Murphy Is Alive! (2018) and Ricochet (2019), all produced and mixed by his son Gaspard Murphy.

Elliott Murphy is also a published author of numerous collections of short stories, most recently Garden City Stories, and four novels: the rock trilogy Marty May, Tramps and Diamonds By The Yard and the neo-western Poetic Justice. His writing has appeared in Rolling Stone (U.S.), Vanity Fair (France) and other publications and his 1985 short story "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was recently made into the feature film Broken Poet by acclaimed Spanish director Emilio J. Ruiz (to be released in Winter 2020). Elliott makes his acting debut, starring in the film along with Marisa Berenson, Michael O'Keefe and a rare cameo appearance by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa.

In 2015 Elliott Murphy was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres by the French Minister of Culture and in 2018 he was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame by Billy Joel.

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  • Ricochet (2019)
  • Elliott Murphy Is Alive (2018)
  • Prodigal Son (2017)
  • Aquashow Deconstructed (2016)
  • It Takes A Worried Man (2016)
  • Intime EP (2014)
  • Just A Story From New York (2011)
  • Just For One Day (2010)
  • Elliott Murphy (2010)
  • Alive In Paris (2009)
  • Notes From The Underground (2008)
  • Coming Home Again (2007)
  • Murphy Gets Muddy (2005)
  • Never Say Never (2004)
  • Strings Of The Storm (2003)
  • Soul Surfing, The Next Wave EP (2002)
  • Soul Surfing/Rainy Season (2002)
  • Last Of The Rock Stars...
    And Me And You (2001)
  • Rainy Season (2000)
  • La Terre Commune (2001)
  • April (1999)
  • Beauregard (1998)
  • Going Through Something (1996)
  • Selling The Gold (1995)
  • Paris/New York (1993)
  • Unreal City (1993)
  • Diamonds By The Yard (1992)
  • If Poets Were King (1992)
  • 12 (1990)
  • Apres Les Deluge (1987)
  • Live Hot Point (1991)
  • Party Girls & Broken Poets (1984)
  • Change Will Come (1987)
  • Milwaukee (1985)
  • Murph The Surf (1982)
  • Affairs (1980)
  • Just A Story From America (1977)
  • Night Lights (1976)
  • Lost Generation (1975)
  • Aquashow (1973)



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  • The Middle Kingdom & 50 Other Poems (2017)
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