Elliott Murphy

November 7, 2016

Laurent Pardo

Remembering Laurent Pardo
I have lost my long-time bassist and friend Laurent Pardo who suddenly passed away over the weekend. Oliver Durand, Alan Fatras and myself are trying to absorb the loss and shock and we are engulfed by the tremendous sadness that surrounds us at this time.

Laurent solidified what became my finest touring band - ELLIOTT MURPHY AND THE NORMANDY ALL STARS - with his outstanding musicianship, great singing and personal charm. Of course, we had countless magical moments on stage together but perhaps what was more important on a human level were all the hours spent rolling in cars and vans - waiting in planes and hotels - at rushed dinners and sleepy breakfasts - where musicians bond as the road goes on and on ....

Goodbye dear Laurent.






October 1, 2012

Elliott Murphy receiving the Medaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris from Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë on October 1, 2012

Elliott Murphy receiving the Medaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris from Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë on October 1, 2012.
Photo – Pierre Villard

Elliott Murphy Awarded The Prestigious Médaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris

Elliott Murphy was awardedthe prestigious Médaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris in a formal ceremony on October 1, 2012 at the Hotel de Ville in Paris. He joined the ranks of past winners that include fashion designers Valentino and Gianni Versace, actress Jane Fonda, Nobel Prize winning scientist Linus Pauling and Def Jam president Kevin Liles. Elliott Murphy has called Paris his home for over 22 years.

Following is Elliott's full acceptance speech:

"Bonjour …

"I am very honored to receive today the Medaille de Vermiel de la ville de Paris from the hands of the Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë and I would like to thank the Adjoint Mayor in charge of culture as well François Esperet and the team of the Mayor who contributed so much to make this event happen.

"My relation with the marvelous city of Paris began, like many Americans, with Ernest Hemingway’s memoir A Moveable Feast and this very poetic city, that I once only dreamed of, became a reality when I first put my feet on the ground here in 1971. I played my guitar in the metro and sat in cafe La Flore writing in my notebook.

"That voyage was certainly the first step in building my artistic life. I returned to the USA to record my debut album and write my first texts and began to tour all over America. But always Paris was on my mind, like a far away lover, lost but unforgotten and with hopes of recovering her some day. In 1979 I returned for my first concert at the legendary La Palace. The concert was sold out and I did six encores – not really ready to quit that stage!

"Finally, 22 years ago, in the bicentennial year of 1989, I moved to Paris and found myself living just around the corner from Place Bastille. It was July 14 – Bastille Day – and celebrations were at hand with jets flying over my head. I thought to myself this is definitely a beautiful welcome.

"Now, I have lived here longer then in any other city including New York. Paris is my place. I am a troubadour by tradition and constantly on the road between planes, trains and cars and each time I return here to see the lights of this city I know that I am finally home.

"The great writer and my personal here of literature, F. Scott Fitzgerald, once wrote that there are no second acts in the lives of Americans. But I can say sincerely that I found my second act and a new life here in the city of lights, that welcomed me, and in spite of my terrible accent, accepts me and continues to inspire me. From the bottom of my heart I say to you, Merci."

Elliott then went on to give a mini concert of six songs and began with a short version of "J’ai Deux Amours" ("I Have Two Loves"), made famous my another celebrated expatriate American performer Josephine Baker in the 1920’s.

J'ai deux amours - I have two loves
Mon pays et Paris - My country and Paris
Par eux toujours - Always these two
Mon coeur est ravi - Fill my heart with delight
Manhattan est belle - Manhattan is beautiful
Mais à quoi bon le nier - Why deny it
Ce qui m'ensorcelle - But what has put a spell on me
C'est Paris, c'est Paris tout entire - Is Paris, All of Paris.

Elliott Murphy Awarded The Prestigious Médaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris

January 2, 2012

Philadelphis Inquirer

Great review of new album in the Philadelphia Inquirer!
Elliott Murphy
Elliott Murphy
(GB Music ***1/2)
"This man keeps struggling to sing his own song," Elliott Murphy confesses on "Train Kept a Rolling," the reflective number that closes his latest album. Well, struggling is not exactly correct. The onetime "new Dylan" seems to be doing quite well. Earlier this month at the Tin Angel, the Long Island native and longtime resident of France put on a great rock-and-roll show with his band, the Normandy All Stars. It's easy to see why Bruce Springsteen has been such a loyal friend and fan. And this album (his "183rd," as he joked at the show), reveals his muse to be as sharp as ever. You can still hear where some of the Dylan comparisons come from - there's some resemblance in the voice and phrasing, and the wordiness of the folk-rock opener, "Poise 'N Grace." But after that Murphy presents a set of songs that are among his most moving and emotionally direct, without sacrificing depth or nuance. It also helps that they are framed by rich and varied arrangements, from the string-kissed gentility of "With This Ring" to the wild abandon of "Rock 'n Roll 'n Rock 'n Roll." "Makes me feel alive," Murphy sings of the latter. As with just about everything else here, he gets you feeling the same way. - Nick Cristiano

November 19, 2011

Everything Is An Afterthought

Elliott on Paul Nelson: "If anyone can take credit for 'discovering' me it had to be Paul Nelson, the legendary Rock Critic who also championed fellow singer-songwriters Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne. He taught me so much about music, books and films and in many ways set the artistic course I'm still on today. I can't exaggerate his importance to me in those early 1970's days and nights in New York City when I was both desperate to be signed by a record company and unwilling to compromise my vision to do it. A paradox in the music business to be sure.

"Now, there's an excellent new book out by Kevin Avery (Everything Is An Afterthought: The Life And Writings Of Paul Nelson) which makes for a fascinating read if you take rock 'n roll seriously like I do, and put it on the same artistic level as literature and cinema like Paul Nelson did. Paul reached a tragic end and died for our sins but hopefully this book will restore his legend to the stature it deserves."

Read an excerpt from Everything Is An Afterthought.

September 10, 2011


New video interviews with Elliott & Olivier are availble at Rock-Interviews, a website dedicated to Video interviews with Rock'n'roll bands and musicians. There are also text transcriptions. Watch and read the interviews with Elliott here and the interview with Olivier in French or English.


April 18, 2011

La Ligne Blanche

Follow Charles Pitter's extraordinary, insightful & entertaining chronicle of Elliott Murphy's career in album by album installments. Read it all here.


February 25, 2011

La Ligne Blanche

XM SIRIUS E-Street Radio, will re-broadcast Elliott Murphy's Guest DJ session on March 14th as a pre-birthday celebration for Elliott. Of course, Elliott like Bruce, Tom Waits, Jeff Bridges and many others was born in the prime rock 'n roll year of 1949!



February 21, 2011

La Ligne Blanche

A short excerpt from La Ligne Blanche, a soon-to-be-released French film featuring Elliott Murphy and with music by Elliott & Olivier Durand, has been posted on YouTube.

La Ligne Blanche was directed by Olivier Torres and produced by 4a4 Productions in Paris and stars acclaimed French actor Pascal Bongard. It tells the story of a somewhat desperate and dissolute French actor who reconnects with his teenage son after the death of his own father. Elliott in a bit of type casting plays the best friend, an American musician who lives on a ranch in the South of France. IN the film Elliott performs an acoustic version of "Gone, Gone, Gone" one of the songs on his new album Elliott Murphy. La Ligne Blanche will be released in France later this spring 2011.

October 7, 2010

The Last Rock Star: Check out the lyrics to "The Last Rock Star" by Bob Dye and The Usual Suspects. Remind you of anyone? Go here for the MP3.












November 20, 2009


Rock The Folk: Shanka is one of France's most highly respected guitarists and the author of a best selling DVD guitar method. Normally he plays with the incendiary band No One Is Innocent (kind of like a French Rage Against the Machine) but recently he released a 6 song EP entitled Rock the Folk where he covered some of his favorite folk rock songs in his own somewhat heavier style including a version of Elliott Murphy's "Last of the Rock Stars." Check it out and let your secret heavy metal soul invade Murphyland.

July 29, 2009


French Creative Connection: Read Elliott's recent interview in The French Creative Connection site where he talks about music, literature, living in Paris and Monica Belluci! Read the interview.




April 13, 2009


Concerto Magazine Awards: Elliott Murphy has come in first place in the 2008 Concert Poll in Austria's prestigious Concerto magazine in the category "Best Singer: Rock and Pop" and third place in the category "Best Singer: Folk, World, Singer/Songwriter" - the only artist to win in two categories! Thank you to all the Austrian Fans (especially Conny!) who have helped Elliott achieve stardom in Austria. Elliott will be playing two shows in Austria soon: 29 April - Vienna Blues Spring & April 28 - Donauinselfest. View the magazine.

January 9, 2009

The Murphys

The Savage Detectives: Rumor has it that Elliott Murphy is mentioned in Roberto Bolano's award winning novel The Savage Detectives. Bolano, who died in 2003 was a Chilean novelist who after being imprisoned by the Pinochet regime lived in Mexico, France and Spain. Also mentioned is Elliott's friend and poet Michel Bulteau who has collaborated with Elliott on Narcotic Piano and other original works.


December 17, 2007

The Murphys

Elliott and Bruce dancing in the dark...in Paris! In what has become a tradition for over 15 years Bruce Springsteen once again invited Elliott Murphy on stage with him and the E Street Band while playing at Bercy Palaisport Arena in Paris. Bruce Springsteen and Elliott MurphyA very enthusiastic crowd of nearly 20,000 people greeted Elliott as he walked on stage and Bruce and the band ripped into an incredible version of "Dancing In The Dark". Elliott's comment: "Its like getting on a roller coaster that's passing you by at a hundred miles an hour and the thrill of being on stage with Bruce and his incredible musicians is incomparble. They always treat me like one of the band."

November 8, 2007

Elliott Murphy's MySpace Page has received over 25,000 profile views and over 12,000 listens of "A Touch of Kindness" from his last album Coming Home Again. Visit Elliott's MySpace page and become a friend.

August 3, 2007

Elliott Featured in Taylor Guitars Publication Wood & Steel: For the story of Elliott's life with guitars check out his self-penned ode to the road in the latest issue of the Taylor Guitars publication Wood & Steel. You can read or download a PDF file of the article here.

July 27, 2007

The Murphys

Elliott Murphy and Red Lounge Records announce the release of The Murphys - The 1973 Aquashow Demos - on a limited Vinyl edition: The album features a stunning photo from the original Aquashow sessions taken at the Plaza Hotel in New York City and consists of the very high quality demos that Elliott Murphy, Matthew Murphy and friend George Gates recorded before the final Aquashow sessions. The recordings are unique in that they feature Elliott playing lead and rhythm Electric Guitar, Matthew on Fender Bass and George on occasional Rhythm Guitar. When Red Lounge Records boss Martin Christoph first heard The Murphy's he thought it was like nothing he ever heard before - both dandy and punk - and immediately decided it must be released as all great albums are: on Vinyl! Here's the song list:

Side A
1. White Middle Class Blues
2. Like A Great Gatsby
3. Hangin' Out
4. Last of the Rock Stars
4. Marilyn

Side B
1. Graveyard Scrapbook
2. How's The Family
3. Lookin' Back
4. Hometown
5. Don't Go Away

Also included is a special bonus 7" Vinyl Single of "Abraham Lincoln Continental" and "History" recorded before 1974's Lost Generation album featuring legendary keyboardist Frank Owens of "Like A Rolling Stone" fame, Rick Marota on Drums, Matthew Murphy on Fender Bass and Elliott on vocals and guitar of course.

The Murphy's can best be described as the essence of Aquashow in its purest form. Last Year U.K.'s prestigious Uncut magazine dedicated a full page Classic Album review to Aquashow which proclaimed, "Aquashow has stood the test of time. Even 30 years on, its freshness, passion and vitality have scarcely diminished." The Murphy's is an integral part of the Aquashow saga and to have it released as a Vinyl album like the original Aquashow seemed the perfect move. To order please contact info@elliottmurphy.com. 20€/$25 + shipping. Payment by Check or PayPal.

June 9, 2007

Spirit of 66

Breaking Records at Spirit of 66: On Saturday Night June 9th, 2007 Elliott Murphy and the Normandy All Stars featuring Olivier Durand broke the club record (and perhaps some other records as well) at Spirit of 66 in Verviers, Belgium by playing a continuous set of (get ready!) ... 4 hours and 20 minutes including encores. The set included 48 songs and a first time performance of Elliott's new song "Lost and Lonely" (which has been available as a free download on this site for a while) a version of Bob Dylan's "Not Dark Yet" and relatively few covers. The majority of the songs were, of course, Elliott Murphy originals. Club owner Francis Geron estimated that 90% of the packed house of 400 people stayed standing (and cheering) for the entire 4 hours and 20 minutes. Photo by Gudi. See the set list.

May 19, 2007

PACMA Benefit

Outdoor Concert in Barcelona for PACMA: On May 19 Elliott Murphy played a huge free outdoor concert in Barcelona in support of PACMA, a Spanish political party whose aim is to outlaw bullfighting and promote humane treatment of animals. The day of the show Elliott was featured in the widely read El Periodico newspaper of Catalunya in a daily feature that portrays various well-known personalities who in the opinion of the editors are either on the way up or down. PACMA BenefitAlthough German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Tour de France winner Floyd Landis and International pop star Paul McCartney were on the way down for various reasons we are happy to report that Elliott is going up because he is "against the cruelty" of the bullfight. Elliott was proud to tell that audience during the concert that this night "The bulls win!" Read article.

March 19, 2007

Sell Out Show at Ancienne Belgique: For the second time in a row Elliott Murphy has sold out the Ancienne Belgique concert hall in Brussels, Belgium. Fans quickly bought the nearly 1,000 seats so they wouldn't be shut out of this monumental concert. Elliott has always had a very strong relationship with his Belgium fans which goes back to his first concert in Brussels in 1979. Other highlights have included his concert before 10,000 people during Brussels Millenium celebration in the 80's as well as his appearances at nearly every major Belgium festival. In Elliott's words, "If the whole world was Belgium we'd have better chocolate and music!"

March 16, 2007

Elliott at MySpace: Elliott Murphy's MySpace page currently has over 10,000 profile views in the few short months it has been active. Also, there have been over 9,000 plays of the 4 Elliott Murphy tracks currently featured on his My Space page: "A Little Kindness", "Last Of The Rock Stars", "Green River" and "Jesse". Check it out - become one of Elliott's many friends from all over the world and stay in the loop at www.myspace.com/elliottmurphy.

February 7, 2007

#1 At Classic 21 Radio in Belgium: Elliott Murphy's "A Little Touch of Kindness" moved to the top # 1 Powerplay position on Belgium's very popular Classic 21 Radio Station. "Kindness" is from the just released Elliott Murphy album Coming Home Again and is his 29th studio album released in a 35 year career.

November 29, 2006

Stories Of The Dogs

Stories of the Dogs: Elliott is featured on the recently released Stories of the Dogs tribute album (double CD) to Dominique Laboubée leader of the Dogs who died while on tour in the USA in 2006. The Dogs were a popular French Rock band begun in the 1980's and Elliott played a number of festivals with them in France and remains close with ex-Dogs guitarist Tony Truant. He explains: "I was always happy to meet Dominique on the road or on the street. He was a gentle soul and a true talent and France has lost one their shining yet fragile rock lights." Although a French band the Dogs sang mainly in English and were accepted in both the USA and England for their authentic style. On Stories of the Dogs Elliott wrote an English interpretation of a song Dominque wrote with Louise Ferron for her solo album which was produced by John Cale. The original title was "L'ivresse des profondeurs" or as Elliott put it "Deep Drunk in Love" and features keyboard and string arrangements by Elliott's long time friend Jerome Soligny, respected music critic and successful songwriter. You can listen to Elliott's cut here.

January 13, 2006

Elliott featured at rollingstone.com: A brand new article about Elliott and his new album, Murphy Gets Muddy, has just been published at the on-line version of Rolling Stone. The article, "Elliott Murphy Gets Muddy," is featured on the Home Page of the site, under the News heading. Read the article now!

January 6, 2006

Murphy Gets Muddy makes it into top 10 selling CDs from Dock Entertainment in Spain: Elliott Murphy Music is off to a good start in Spain this past year with the top selling CD Murphy Gets Muddy distributed by Dock Distribution. Dock reports that Elliott's first blues album has become one of the top ten selling releases of their huge catalog during the past year. And this is despite the fact that Murphy Gets Muddy was just released in November 2005! Other best sellers included The Walkabouts, John Hiatt and Taj Mahal - good company for any artist! Dock expects sales of Murphy Gets Muddy to climb even higher following Elliott's January tour of Spain with Olivier Durand.

December 19, 2005

New 45rpm Single Released: Ruta 66, an outstanding Spanish rock magazine, has released a 45rpm 7inch vinyl single to celebrate Elliott Murphy's career. The single features "American Stories Part 2" (a new track) on Side A and "Let Go" (a demo from 1976) on Side B and comes in a beautiful color gatefold package. "American Stories Part 2" features Elliott's 15 year old son Gaspard Murphy on electric guitar and was recorded in Le Havre, France with Olivier Durand (Acoustic Guitar), Ernie Brooks (Bass), Danny Montgomery (Drums) and, of course, Elliott himself on vocals and keyboards. "Let Go", although recorded nearly thirty years ago again includes Ernie Brooks on bass! Other musicians on the vintage demo are Mike Braun (drums), Eric Troyer (keyboards) and Steve Cataldo (guitar). The demo was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in NYC in Autumn of 1978. The package features beautiful color and vintage photos and liner notes by Ignacio Julia, editor of Ruta 66 and can be ordered at the Elliott Murphy store. Order the new single now.

November 8, 2005

Elliott Helps With Record Attendance: Elliott's performance at the Barcelona Record fair helped contribute to a record attendance of 26,000 visitors! See the photo from Barcelona newspaper El Periodico.

November 4, 2005

More Terraplane Blues On Radio 1: Elliott's "Terraplane blues" enters this week's "Carte Blanche Top 15" from Belgian National radio station "Radio 1" at Number 6!!!!!! Here you can find this week's Top 15. Then click on: "Kies hier uit de lijst van deze week". And then look who we've got on this week's Number 6!

November 3, 2005

Elliott's Music Featured On KYGT, Idaho Springs, CO: Craig Thomas is pleased to report that Elliott Murphy will be a featured artist on his radio program "What You Might Have Missed..." every other Sunday beginning Nov. 13th from 11-1 on KYGT, 102.7 Idaho Springs, Colorado. On Craig's debut broadcast on Nov. 13th, he will play songs from Elliott's albums Aquashow through Party Girls & Broken Poets - calling it "Elliott, Part 1". The show will also be streamed on the INTERNET.

November 2, 2005

Terraplane Blues On Radio 1: "Terraplane Blues," the opening track of Murphy Gets Muddy has made it to the playlist of the Belgian national radio "Radio 1" and fans report hearing it 5 times just this past week. Elliott has made it to a Top 15 Chart of Radio 1 called "Carte Blanche" which is made by the listeners of the station. Every Saturday morning between 11h and noon there is a show where the audience can vote for 3 songs in a list of 20 songs (top 15 from last week + 5 new songs). And this week "Terraplane Blues" is one of the 5 new songs! The 15 songs with the most votes are on the show. So if you want to support Elliott and hear him on Belgian Radio next Saturday, please vote! Here is how you can give your vote to Elliott's "Terraplane Blues": There is a list with all the songs you can vote for. You probably won't know most of the songs, because there are many Belgian and even Dutch songs in the list, but I'm sure everybody knows the songs of the foreign artists (Neil Young, Kate Bush, The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, Magic Numbers and of course Elliott). So go VOTE today!

October 25, 2005

Australian Radio Interview: Australian radio station 3SER 97.7FM will broadcast the first ever Australian interview with Elliott. The interview is hosted by John Broughton and will be broadcast at 10:00pm (Melbourne time). You can listen to the interview live HERE.

October 12, 2005

Elliott Murphy Music Logo

Elliott Murphy Music Label Announced: All new Elliott Murphy releases will appear on the newly announced Elliott Murphy Music label. The debut release for the label will be the Spanish version of Murphy Gets Muddy, featuring Spanish, Basque and Catalan translations on DVD.

October 10, 2005

New Web Site: The brand new Elliott Murphy web site, designed by Digital Vision Media, goes online.

October 10, 2005

Murphy Gets Muddy Released: Elliott's blues album is released throughout Europe on Monday, October 10th. Read more here.

October 1, 2005

New Elliott Murphy Cover: Indie artist Fred Preilberg covers the Elliott Murphy classic "Last Of The Rock Stars" on his debut CD.

September 24, 2005

Lost Generation Performed In Its Entirety: Rainy Season Fans organized a Lost Generation show in Bilbao, Spain. Elliott and band performed every song from the 1975 Lost Generation album. The show featured Elliott on piano during "Bittersweet" - a concert first!

September 22, 2005

Javier Vargas Joins Elliott On Stage: Javier Vargas, from the Santana band, joined Elliott and band on stage in Madrid.

September 1, 2005

Poetic Justice To Be Published in Italy: Hachette Literature has announced that Elliott's novel Poetic Justice will be published in Italian by FBE Edizioni in early 2006.

June 20, 2005

Elliott and Bruce: Elliott joined Bruce Springsteen onstage in Paris during his recent Solo Tour for the tour premiere of "Better Days." Read more here.

March 19, 2005

Elliott At Salon de Livre: Elliott appeared at the Salon de Livre (Paris Book Fair) in Paris on Saturday, March 19th to sign copies of the French edition of his new novel Poetic Justice.

March 14, 2005

Elliott featured in FaceCulture: FaceCulture spoke to Elliott Murphy in the Park Hotel in Amsterdam the morning after his gig in Holland's Capitol. Elliott told them all about his past, present and future, how he's doing in Paris, literature, rock 'n roll, making, making music, writing lyrics and lots more!

Watch the interview with Elliott.

March 8, 2005

Red Lezards: The new Red Lezards album is out in July. Olivier Durand is playing on half of it (guitar and piano) and there is one song written by him. Elliott is playing Harmonica on one song too! Produced by Florent Barbier.

March 2, 2005

Tom Petty Tribute Album: Elliott is featured on a Spanish Tom Petty tribute album, coming out soon!

February 15, 2005

Light Of Day Released In UK: Light Of Day - A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen, featuring Elliott's version of "Better Days" is being officially released in the UK on March 14th by Revolver Records.

February 7, 2005

Never Say Never

Never Say Never, CD+DVD Released: Never Say Never, The Best Of 1995-2005... and more, a CD+DVD featuring 4 new tracks, was released in February by Last Call (France), Blue Rose (Germany) and Xana Records (Spain). The CD of includes 10 tracks chosen by Elliott Murphy himself from his albums of 1995 - 2005 (Selling The Gold, Beauregard, April, Rainy Season, Soul Surfing and Strings Of The Storm) and 4 new and unreleased tracks recorded just for this compilation: "Never Say Never," "My Father's House," "Dirty Old Man" & "Long Time Coming". The DVD is full of visual treats and surprises: live 5 song performance concert, 2 Video Clips, a Discography featuring the covers of over 25 albums, an incredible Photo Gallery, Biography and more in a multi-media presentation that runs well over one hour. 2005 marks 32 years since the recording of Elliott Murphy's first album Aquashow in 1973 and the CD/DVD Never Say Never, The Best Of 1995-2005... and more is a strong testament to an incredible musical journey and rare proof of a mature artist at the peak of his powers.

January 15, 2005

Live Hot Point Rereleased: Live Hot Point, one of Elliott's best live albums -featuring Chris Spedding and Garland Jeffries - has been re-released in digipak (remastered and with extra tracks!) and it's available from the Official Store. Order it now!

December 7, 2004


Aquashow, Among The 40 Most "Roaring" Albums Of The 70's: French magazine les Inrockuptibles has included Aquashow among the 40 most "roaring" albums of the 70's. Here's the translation: "Ex-journalist, friend of Springsteen and militant europhile, Elliott Murphy was not yet, in 1973, the wise and touching troubador of today. When his first flamboyant and romantic album was released, he was still a dandy with grand ambitions, neighbor of the New York Dolls and friend of the Velvet Underground (for whom he wrote the prophetic liner notes for the great 69 Live album. Aquashow was a critical triumph but a commercial disappointment: all the ingredients for a cult album of folk-rock esthetics."

November 20, 2004

Collaboration with Michel Bulteau: Elliott has again collaborated with acclaimed French Poet Michel Bulteau on a new limited edition vinyl recording Hero Poet. The recording features Elliott on Guitar while Michel reads his poetry in French and was recorded in Studio Beauregard in Paris last winter. Elliott wrote the liner notes and tells us that a CD which will feature a few of his own poems as well will be available sometime next year.