Selling The Gold / La Terre Commune / Going Through Something Bundle




Get all three of these hard to find CDs at a special price!

Selling The Gold is Elliott’s 1996 big production album album recorded at ICP studios in Brussels and featuring Bruce Springsteen, The Violent Femmes and Sonny Landreth. Highlights include the title track along with “Everything I Do (Leads Me Back To You)” (with Bruce) and the prophetic “Love to America.” The CD was released on multiple labels around the world. These copies are the U.S. Dejadisc version.

Going Through Something – The Best of Elliott Murphy is a compilation album of Elliott’s (mostly) 1980’s work with 16 tracks from the albums Milwaukee, Change Will Come, Murph The Surf, Party Girls/Broken Poets, 12, Affairs, Après Le Déluge and If Poets Were King. It includes a 20 page booklet with lots of photos and lyrics. This is the original Dejadisc release from 1996.

La Terre Commune is a duo album with Elliott and Iain Matthews featuring the popular Dylan cover “Blind Willie McTell.” It also contains four original songs from Elliott alongside four originals from Iain and several other covers. An amazing piece of work that stands alongside the best that either has ever produced. This is the 2000 U.S. Eminent Records release.