Corona Couch Concerts: The Epilogue The Downloads

Thanks so much for your interest in ELLIOTT MURPHY’s Corona Couch Concerts – The Epilogue edited by Patrick Dupon, featuring Olivier Durand.

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Week 1 (May 24th)
Day 1 – I Shall Be Released – Looking For A Hero – You Never Know What You’re In For – Pneumonia Alley
Day 2 – Let Me In – O Wyoming – Fly Me To The Moon – I Know There Is A Place
Day 3 – Everybody Knows (Niagara Falls) – I Want To Talk To You – Don’t Think Twice (It’s Alright) – You Got It Made – Home Again

Week 2 (May 31st)
Day 4 – Is Fellini Really Dead – If Poets Were King – All Along The Watchtower – Summer House – Alone In My Chair
Day 5 – Moan – Selling The Gold – Out On The Weekend – Making Friends With The Dead – Last Of The Rock Stars
Day 6 – Hello I Love You – Deco Dance – Come On Louann – Don’t Go Away – Diamonds By The Yard

Week 3 (June 7th)
Day 7 – Change Will Come – Garden City – Dusty Roses – And General Robert E. Lee – Party Girls & Broken Poets -Rock Ballad
Day 8 – Just A Story From America – Smile – Let It Rain – Last Train To Memphis – The Epicenter – Drive All Night – Rock Ballad
Day 9 – Out For The Killing – Sister Real – People Don’t Learn – Texas – Goin’ Through Something (Don’t Know What It Is)

Week 4 (June 14th)
Day 10 – Doctor Calabash – Winners, Losers, Beggars, Choosers – Three Complete American Novels – The Streets Of New York – Last Call
Day 11 – The Fall Of Saigon – Baby I’ve Been Thinkin’ – Continental Kinda Girl – Modern Romance – Euro Toor
Day 12 – Green River – From Room 102 – Temple Bar – The Poet And The Priest – The Best Kiss
Day 13 – Jet Lag – Cutting The Cake – Mick’s Dream – Ground Zero – My Way