A Message From Elliott: Tools Of The Trade

Elliott Murphy
Photo by Michel Jolyot

It’s two o’clock in the morning and I’m sitting at my kitchen table here in Paris, holding a big pair of brass scissors in my hand, while on the table in front of me is a sheet of sandpaper-like skateboard grip and a pile of large thin triangular guitar picks. Each pick has my name and the logo from my Soul Surfing album imprinted on them. I started ordering these personalized picks years ago so I could have just the right size and thickness I like. I’m one of the few guitarists I know of who likes to play with thin picks with the exception of Kurt Cobain, who I once tried to contact in Rome when he was in the hospital and I was playing nearby. I’m not sure what I would have said to him if I got through; probably something about stop the drugs and stick to the music and it probably would have been a futile effort. It seems we each have our own destiny to fulfill and I guess Kurt, in Brian Jones fashion, had to go down a very talented and sad road. Maybe if I would have told him we like the same kind of picks we would have bonded and got an expresso together in Piazza Navonna … 


  1. What The Fuck Is Going On From the album "Ricochet" 5:25
  2. Rock 'n Roll 'n Rock 'n Roll From the album "Elliott Murphy" 3:30
  3. You Never Know What You're In For From the album "Night Lights" 4:19
  4. Last Of The Rock Stars From the album "Aquashow" 3:43
  5. Everything I Do (Leads Me Back To You) From the album "Selling The Gold" (with Bruce Springsteen) 4:47
  6. Green River From the album "Strings Of The Storm" 6:31
  7. On Elvis Presley's Birthday From the album "12" 3:28
  8. Anastasia From the album "Just A Story From America" 5:10
  9. Euro Tour From the album "Affairs" 3:57
  10. Come On Louann From the album "Soul Surfing" 4:06


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Festival Blues à Jarnioux

Jarnioux, France

Festival Blues à Jarnioux Parc Communal de Jarnioux
69640 Jarnioux
06 85 02 28 52

Band Show

Blacksheep Festival

Bad Rappenau-Bonfeld, Germany

Blacksheep Festival Rappenauer Straße 38
74906 Bad Rappenau-Bonfeld
07066 912626‬

Band Show

Le Plan

Ris-Orange, France

Le Plan 1 Avenue Louis Aragon
91130 Ris-Orange
01 69 02 09 19

Trio Show

Cap Caval

Penmarch, France

Cap Caval Avenue de Skibbereen
29760 Penmarch
02 98 58 41 54

Trio Show with Olivier Durand and Melissa Cox


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