A Message From Elliott:
Summertime Single

Elliott Murphy - SummertimeWho can deny the greatness of George Gershwin? Rhapsody in Blue alone would be enough to put him on the Mount Olympus of modern composers. And from a highly personal perspective, An American in Paris is just about perfect for me who is exactly what the title suggests. Both marvelous pieces of music by the way, which were composed in the 1920’s, my default cultural decade. First, there’s the mythical lost generation of American writers who moved to Paris because it was both inexpensive and there was no Prohibition and these guys and gals liked their cocktails: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, being the most prominent of the lost legionnaires of literature. But there were others too, like John Dos Passos, Archibald MacLeish (I mentioned him in “Metaphysical Moments” from my current EP Wonder-Full) as well as the poets E.E. Cummings and Hart Crane as well as novelist Kay Boyle (who was blacklisted during the McCarthy Red Scare) and wonderful Janet Flanner who covered Paris and all its doings for The New Yorker for decades. Speaking of which, I’ve two confessions to make: first, I have been subscribing to The New Yorker since I moved to Paris 34 years ago; and second, I don’t think I have ever read an entire issue in one sitting. But I nearly always read the short stories (especially if they’re by Thomas McGuane), the book and film reviews, any pop music coverage which catches my eye (although not enough coverage of literate singer-songwriter which one might think would be a given) and anything Adam Gopnik writes. For all my ex-pat life, The New Yorker has remained my cultural lifeline to an America that is constantly shape shifting.

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  1. Old Timer Elliott Murphy 3:19
  2. What The Fuck Is Going On From the album "Ricochet" 5:25
  3. Rock 'n Roll 'n Rock 'n Roll From the album "Elliott Murphy" 3:30
  4. You Never Know What You're In For From the album "Night Lights" 4:19
  5. Last Of The Rock Stars From the album "Aquashow" 3:43
  6. Everything I Do (Leads Me Back To You) From the album "Selling The Gold" (with Bruce Springsteen) 4:47
  7. Green River From the album "Strings Of The Storm" 6:31
  8. On Elvis Presley's Birthday From the album "12" 3:28
  9. Anastasia From the album "Just A Story From America" 5:10
  10. Euro Tour From the album "Affairs" 3:57
  11. Come On Louann From the album "Soul Surfing" 4:06


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Festival de la Luz

Boimorto, A Coruña, Spain

Festival de la Luz Lugar Orros, 12
15816 Boimorto

Band Show

Zik Zak

Ittre, Belgium

Zik Zak Rue de Tubize, 28B
Ittre, 1460
+32 476 53 00 56

Band Show

New Morning

Paris (75), France

New Morning 7 & 9, Rue des Petites Ecuries
75010 Paris (75)

Band Show

La Rotonde

Châteaurenard (13), France

La Rotonde Chemin du Mas de Lafont
13160 Châteaurenard (13)
+33 04 90 90 27 79

Band Show

Sala Razzmatazz

Barcelona, Spain

Sala Razzmatazz C/ dels Almogàvers, 122, Sant Martí
08018 Barcelona
+34 607 77 18 45

Band Show

Sala Zero

Tarragona, Spain

Sala Zero Carrer Sant Magí 12 43004 Tarragona, Spain
43004 Tarragona
+34 877 05 11 26

Band Show

Maison Folie Beaulieu

Lomme (59), France

Maison Folie Beaulieu 33, place Beaulieu
59160 Lomme (59)
03 20 22 93 66

Band Show

Galileo Galilei

Madrid, Spain

Galileo Galilei Calle de Galileo, 100
28015 Madrid
91 5347557/58

Band Show


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    Previously Unpublished 1977 Interview

    He has had four albums released: Aquashow, Lost Generation, Night Lights and Just A Story From America. His articles and interviews have appeared in various magazines including Rolling Stone and Circus. He wrote the liner notes for the Velvet Underground's live 1969 album. His name is Elliott Murphy. He is a writer.
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Elliott Murphy - Wonder


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Elliott Murphy - Ricochet


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