Soul Surfing – The Next Wave

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Elliott Murphy - The Next Wave

A companion piece to Soul Surfing with three originals and two covers, including a version of Bob Dylan’s “If You See Her Say Hello.”


  1. Ground Zero -:-- / 4:20
  2. Evening Gown -:-- / 3:31
  3. Bilbao Bo Diddley -:-- / 2:04
  4. If You See Her, Say Hellow -:-- / 3:21
  5. Its A Long Way Home… Benjamin -:-- / 5:32

Ground Zero

Have you seen my Father
Have you seen my Brother
Have you seen my Girlfriend
Have you seen my Mother
Have you seen my Sister
Have you seen my Partner
Have you seen my Neighbor
Have you seen my Lover

I saw it all – I was watching my TV
I could not breathe – I could not imagine
I thought it was a movie – I thought it was a nightmare
I ran for cover – I was so angry
I wanted revenge – But that was hollow
I wanted peace – And a safe tomorrow

Have you seen my Husband
Have you seen my Cousin
Have you seen my Friend
Have you seen my Family
Have you seen my City
Have you seen my Country
Have you seen my World
Have you seen my World

Les tours s’effondrent – Et le rêve se brise
Les blessures profondes – Jamais ne cicatrisent
J’ai mal au Coeur – Les ideaux en ruine
J’ai mal au Coeur – Religions Assassines

J’ai senti la peur – Senti la colère
J’ai senti l’horreur – Senti la guerre
J’ai senti la violence – Senti la haine
Senti la souffrance – J’ai Senti la peine

And from the darkness comes the light
This I promise – This I promise
So when your tears fall in the middle of the night
And you see no reason
No answers in sight
We will remember – We will remember
Ground Zero – Ground Zero

Have you seen the heroes – They look like fireman
They look like policeman – Looking like the mayor

Have you seen my Father – J’ai senti la peur
Have you seen my Brother – Senti la colère
Have you see n my Girlfriend – J’ai senti l’horreur
Have you seen my Mother – Senti la guerre
Have you seen my Sister – Senti la violence
Have you seen my Partner – Senti la haine
Have you seen my Neighbor – Senti la souffrance
Have you seen my Lover – J’ai senti la peine
Have you seen my City – Have you seen my Country
Have you seen my World – Have you seen my World
Ground Zero – Ground Zero

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Searching for a reason or at least a straight line
Lost in the museum no structure of time
I nearly got caught last century curse
My clock ticked backwards from bad to worse

I got genius here – A big concept
Nothing to fear – A big concept

Pay her for her touch – easier that way
Call her in the morning – even less to say
Relatives haunt him – monochrome
My soul was depleted – energy gone

Habits so compulsive – no sense of choice
His own thoughts spoken in a stranger’s voice
Ideals lay shattered – lost hope
They call it men and women – God’s greatest joke

The glare of the guard – said to step away
Basque brown eyes – dressed in red and grey
He left the Guggenheim he was feeling kinda funky
A neck like a giraffe and he laughed just like a monkey

No genius here – a big concept
Nothing to fear – a big concept

Mo Mo Mo Mo Modigliani

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It’s a well-known fact – Don’t ever sit back
And start watching those sad movies end to end
Flirting with regret – Brushing off some dusty lover you barely met – Second guessing yourself again
It’s a fool’s game you’re gonna play
So much left to say
And your audience is deaf dumb and blind
Take your handicapped heart
Don’t say nothing – just press start
I’m sorry – you’re out of time
And its a long way home…Benjamin

What you gonna do – When the emotional race is through
Standing in the tracks of your tears
Your isolation can’t defend
Your philosophy a dead end
Your thinking the sum of your fears
Simon says walk around – sounds of silence you have found
When you sign off on the bottom line
You’re looking for an escape
For an outlet – or a mystery date
And Alaska is more then a state of mind
And it’s a long way home…Benjamin

Yes I know I shoul have told you so – But believe me I was the last one to know
There’s no wizard in this Land of Oz
You’re gonna find your own way – Without me or pretty Dorothy
Trust your courage, use your brains, feel your heart

And every chance you’re gonna take – You say goodbye to Candlewood lake
Where the sirens song still tear you apart
And it’s a long way home
Yes it’s a long way home
Oh It’s a long way home…Benjamin

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All Songs by Elliott Murphy © 2002
Except “Ground Zero” by Elliott Murphy & Olivier Durand, “Evening Gown” by Mick Jagger and “If You See Her, Say Hello” by Bob Dylan

Soul Surfing: The Next Wave
Last Call Records

Produced by Elliott Murphy
Recorded and Mixed by Florent Barbier
Production Assistance by Olivier Durand
Recorded at Franklin Studios, Le Havre, France 2001-02

Elliott Murphy – Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboards, Bass (“Ground Zero”)
Ernie Brooks – Bass
Martin Ingle – Bass (“Benjamin”)
Olivier Durand – Guitars, Vocals
Danny Montgomery – Drums
Florent Barbier – Percussion
Thomas Schaettel – Keyboards
Kenny Margolis – Keyboards

Record By Record, Murphy By Murphy: The Next Wave

Just a few extra originals and covers added onto Soul Surfing. And then there was “Ground Zero” which was inspired by visiting the site of the attack on the Twin Towers just a few months after it happened and seeing all the heartbreaking little signs families posted on walls in the faint hopes of finding lost fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers… Oliver wanted to add his own feelings as well and his verse (in French) is very, very strong.

Taken from Crossroads magazine.


Last Call Records 3074515

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