On and On with Elliott

We’re very excited to announce a new series of live downloads from Elliott called “On and On with Elliott.” Each month we’ll offer a new download via this website. The music will be available as high-quality MP3 files or full CD resolution FLAC files. Keep in mind that most of these downloads have not been professionally mixed and/or mastered, so they won’t always have the same audio quality you might get from an “official” release. That said, we think you’ll find the music quite rewarding despite a few possible flaws here and there. These downloads will vary in length, content and time period and they are most certainly going to be of interest to all of Elliott’s fans. If you have any questions about these downloads or experience any problems please contact Steve Wilkison.

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August 2021

Elliott Murphy - Live In Bilbao

Live in Bilbao (Video)

For August we have something special in the “On and On with Elliott” live recordings series: a video. Live in Bilbao is a wonderful duo show with Elliott and Olivier that shows the two at the top of their game, performing songs from throughout Elliott’s career.

Recorded on January 25, 2015 at Sala BBK in Bilbao, Spain.

Track List:

1. Benedict’s Blues
2. Hangin’ Out
3. Sweet Honky Tonk
4. Take That Devil Out Of Me
5. Little Big Man
6. Sonny
7. Take Your Love Away
8. You Never Know What You’re In For
9. Last Of The Rock Stars/Shout
10. And General Robert E. Lee
11. Even Steven
12. Come On Luann
13. Green River
14. Just A Story From America/Twist And Shout
15.Coming Home Again

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June 2021

Elliott Murphy - Oxford Ale House 1977

Oxford Ale House 1977

Elliott Says: “The ‘On and On with Elliott’ live concert download this month is from 1977 and please excuse the sound quality which includes a few sudden volume changes, but I think the historical significance of this show makes it a valuable addition to our series. This show was from a short-lived band which included my faithful bassist Ernie Brooks as well as Mike Braun (who later went on to play with Graham Parker), the great backing vocalist Jennifer Jacobson (who now goes by Jenna Torres and is still a great singer/songwriter) and Ralph Schuckett who sadly passed away earlier this year. Ralph was a major contributor to my album Night Lights and went on to be a founding member of Todd Rundgren’s band Utopia. I always hoped to see him again somewhere down the road and when it came to the great musicians I’ve played with Ralph was always a hero to me.”

Recorded on November 1, 1977 at the Oxford Ale House in New Haven, Connecticut.

1. Band Introductions
2. Just A Story From America (*Level Fluctuations*)
3. Band Introductions
4. Hollywood (*Level Fluctuations*)
5. Visions Of The Night (*Level Fluctuations*)
6. Rock Ballad
7. Poise ‘n Pen
8. Hangin’ Out
9. Diamonds by the Yard
10. Drive All Night
11. Never As Old As You
12. Rich Girls
13. It Feels Like
14. Lookin’ For a Hero
15. Last Call
16. Poise ‘n Pen

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April 2021

Elliott Murphy - Live In Bergamo 1983

Live In Bergamo 1983

For April we have a live show recorded in Bergarmo, Italy on July 21, 1983 at the Music Hall Gech. It features Elliott on vocals, electric guitar and harmonica; Ernie Brooks on bass and backing vocals; Richard Sohl on piano and Tony Machine on drums. There are six songs from Murph The Surf (Elliott’s most recent album at the time) as well as classics such as “Last of the Rock Stars,” “Just a Story From America” and “Rock Ballad.” Please note that this is an audience recording and quality reflects that.

1. Off the Shelf
2. Talkin’ About America
3. Cool Panic
4. Dusty Roses
5. Hollywood
6. Last of the Rock Stars
7. Calling on Cathleen
8. Rock Ballad
9. You Got it Made
10. Just a Story from America
11. Continental Kinda Girl
12. Drive All Night
13. The Fall of Saigon
14. Route 66

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March 2021

Elliott Murphy - Live In Caen 1983

Live In Caen 1983

Elliott’s memory – “I remember this day because after the show the band went to a restaurant to eat and in that restaurant was my future (and current) wife Françoise who was sitting at a nearby table. She was on tour with a group of actors and luckily one of them recognized me and we started talking. I’m sure I was in a good mood because the show had gone really well, Ernie, Jesse and I were really at the top of our game and not one mistake that I can hear in these 17 songs. Thanks so much to Yves Surlemont for sharing this recording with us.”

1. Talkin’ About America
2. Off The Shelf
3. Baby I’ve Been Thinkin’
4. Cool Panic
5. Dusty Roses
6. Hollywood
7. Last Of The Rock Stars
8. Calling On Cathleen
9. Rock Ballad
10. You Got It Made
11. Just A Story From America
12. Anastasia
13. Band Introp
14 Continental Kinda Girl
15. Drive All Night
16. Diamonds by the Yard
17. The Fall of Saigon

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February 2021

Elliott Murphy - Live At Club Domino

Live At Club Domino

A complete concert recorded on March 5, 1989 at Club Domino in Schaffhausen, Switzerland which was broadcast live on the radio. The show features a classic trio lineup from the late 80s: Elliott on guitar, harmonica and vocals, Ernie Brooks on bass and Jesse Chamberlain on drums. 19 songs in all, almost two hours in length. The show contains lots of classic Elliott songs like “Last Of The Rock Stars,” “Diamonds By The Yard,” “Hollywood” and “Just A Story From America,” as well as new (then) songs from his recently released Change Will Come album. Special thanks to Bernard Marquet for the source files. Cover photo by Chris Snow.

1. You Never Know What You’re In For
2. Last Of The Rock Stars
3. White Middle Class Blues
4. Change Will Come
5. Diamonds By The Yard
6. Out For The Killing
7. Runnin’ Around
8. Eyes Of The Children Of Maria
9. Chain Of Pain
10. Graveyard Scrapbook
11. Hollywood
12. Many Can Read (Few Can Reason)
13. Party Girls & Broken Poets
14. Just A Story From America
15. Clean It Up
16. Isadora’s Dancers
17. Not Fade Away
18. Drive All Night
19. Anastasia

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