The brand new album from Elliott Murphy!

Wonder was produced and mixed by Gaspard Murphy and is Elliott’s first real studio album of original songs since 2017 Prodigal Son. Besides his long-time cohort Olivier Durand (who has now been playing guitar with him for more than half his career!) the album features (among others) Melissa Cox on violin and Alan Fatras on drums along with a special guest appearance of the incredible BJ Scott on backing vocals. 

Elliott says: “Why WONDER? Well … because it’s my first post-Covid album and because I wrote (or co-wrote with Olivier Durand) most of the songs on the album during the dark early days of the pandemic. The album begins with ‘Hope (In Your Eyes)’ and ends with ‘I Know There’s A Place’ so I think you can rest assured that there is an optimistic message within this new batch of songs although there are also tracks such as ‘Raindrops,’ ‘Hailstones’ and another one-word title ‘Lonely’ which convey a plethora of emotions like those we’ve all been dealing with since this nasty virus decided to become our long-term global roommate.”

Track Listing:
1. Hope (In Your Eyes)
2. Sunlight Keeps Falling
3. Bystanders
4. That’s The Scene
5. Children Of Children
6. Raindrops
7. Something Consequential
8. Lack Of Perspective
9. Lonely
10. Hailstones
11. Lonely King
12. I Know There’s A Place