A Message From Elliott: Where Are We Going Now?

Elliott Murphy - Photo by François Richard

Actually that’s one of the titles from a new batch of songs I’ve been working on along with “Hope” which I played many times during the Corona Couch Concerts – The Return. My goal is to get a new album out this coming fall or maybe very early 2022 depending on the status of the pandemic. Some of the new songs were co-written with Olivier Durand and some alone by yours truly and maybe some surprises too. These days I feel compelled to throw in a few cover tunes to show my roots more clearly. Hope you like my choices …

It seems like I’ve been following the same yearly workflow since I moved to Paris thirty years ago which comes down to trying to get out a new album each year. I figure that’s a reasonable output for anyone who likes to write songs and then feels the unrelenting need to record those songs, as if they are not really finished until that happens, which is followed by an overwhelming desire to perform at least some of those newly recorded songs before a live audience all over the world. At least that’s how it works for me. I also try to schedule my new album release around my annual New Morning Birthday shows which come around each March like clockwork for the past 25 years for two glorious evenings. Fans come from all over Europe, USA and Canada (and even Japan!) and in 2019 my wife Françoise organized a wonderful afternoon surprise party for me with all the true believers in attendance and it was wonderful.

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