New DVD/CD Alive In Paris Available October 5!

Elliott Murphy - Elliott Murphy Is Alive!

The new live performance DVD/CD Alive In Paris will be available in stores the first week of October and the CD Audio available on iTunes even before that. It was the last thing I expected when I moved to France nearly 20 years ago – that my career would be celebrated in a wonderful exhibition at the beautiful town hall of the 6th Arrondisement near Boulevard St. Germain on the left bank of Paris.

Gilles Pidard from Paris University 7, along with the help of my wife Françoise Viallon-Murphy and my unofficial archivist Franck Dumaine, managed to pull out hundreds of photos, posters, album covers, writings and everything else you can imagine to put together a truly captivating show. The exhibition ran for nearly three weeks and had hundreds of visitors from all over the world. Even I learned some things about myself.

The Last of the Rock Stars expo was topped with a concert in the Salles de Fete of the town hall on 26 September 2008. The place was packed – around 500 people they tell me – and I was joined by Olivier Durand and The Normandy All Stars. Gilles arranged for the whole evening to be filmed and recorded and the images really captured the excitement of this very special evening. The only problem was that the balance of the audio was flawed but luckily two of my fans – Xavier and Pierre – came to the rescue. They had recorded the complete concert themselves and their recordings were absolutely perfect! We put it all together with the help of Julius and Mikael in Le Havre and François in Paris and I honestly can say that ALIVE IN PARIS is a fine representation of the excitement both fans and me and my musicians feel each of the one hundred plus nights we hit the stage every year. But this night, in my adopted hometown of Paris was truly an evening that touched my heart and that I will never forget. And I proud to say that I am ALIVE IN PARIS!

The DVD/CD Alive In Paris is available in the store here at and the CD Audio version is available at iTunes.

DVD Track Listing
1 Intro by Mayor Jean Lecoq
2 Crepescule
3 Black Crow
4 Sonny
5 Green River
6 Pneumonia Alley
7 Ophelia
8 Razzmatazz
9 Canaries in the Mind 
10 You Never Know What You’re in For
11 Last of the Rock Stars 
12 On Elvis Presley’s Birthday
13 Doctor of Mercy 
14 A Touch of Kindness 
15 And General Robert E. Lee 
16 Diamonds by the Yard 
Encore: LA Woman 
Encore: Come on Louann 

CD Track Listing
1 Crepescule
2 Sonny
3 Green River
4 Pneumonia Alley
5 Ophelia
6 Canaries in the Mind 
7 You Never Know What You’re in For
8 Last of the Rock Stars 
9 On Elvis Presley’s Birthday
10 A Touch of Kindness 
11 And General Robert E. Lee 
12 Diamonds by the Yard

ELLIOTT MURPHY – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
OLIVIER DURAND – Guitar, Backing Vocals
ALAN FATRAS – Cajon, Backing Vocals
LAURENT PARDO – Bass, Backing Vocals

Video Editing by Julius Lemetais
Sound by Mickaël Mayeu & François Maigret
Cover Design by Chloe