Français – Just A Story From America (Memoires)




This is the French language version of Elliott’s memoir.

« Just a story from America » les mémoires d’Elliott Murphy par lui-même.
L’homme baptisé le nouveau Dylan s’y révèle sans pose depuis ses débuts New Yorkais des années 70 jusqu’à nos jours en France. Le monde du rock tel qu’il l’a traversé pendant quarante ans et trente cinq albums. Depuis tout ce temps ami de Bruce Springsteen… Ce Chevalier des arts et Lettres est une légende vivante .

ELLIOT MURPHY IS GOING TO BE A MONSTER! That’s exactly what giant New York City subway posters boldly prophesied in 1973 after the release of Elliott’s debut album Aquashow. In this honest and gripping memoir he describes a childhood of show biz affluence, the tragic loss of a famous father, a European sojourn where he encountered Federico Fellini and a love for the old world, and perhaps most provocatively, his journey through the mind-fields of rock stardom. From the glam world of 1970’s Manhattan to fabled LA recording studios and on to what was left of swinging London before finally finding his home, love and a faithful public in Paris, Just A Story From America, is an insightful journey as told from the perspective of an artist who has gone from celebrity to anonymity and back again and lived to tell the tale.