Marty May




Available in English! Virtuoso rock guitarist, Marty May found glory at a young age, living the high life of a rock star in New York during the 1970’s. Then his promising career, along with his marriage, slipped away and at thirty-three he is living alone, broke, without a record contract and hassled by collection agencies. Marty fears that he has blown not only his career but any chance at a normal life and wonders if he should go back to playing the blues alongside his first mentor Blind Red Rose. Set in the 1980’s when times turned tough for true rockers and the music business became more about the business then the music, Marty May is the story of a man vulnerable to temptation while trying to stay true to his most precious beliefs. Both elegant and tragic like The Great Gatsby put into the age of rock ‘n roll, Elliott Murphy’s legendary first novel is finally available in English in it’s full original version.