Tinnitus Journals – Volume 1

Elliott Murphy - Tinnitus Journals - Volume 1 - 21st Century 2001-2020

“I don’t know if it’s a bad thing what I’m going through. This loneliness – this lost feeling – when I remove myself from others, I have the sense that I’m unplugged and I lose my direction – I walk this way and that – eat – watch films, TV, anything – other things. I feel best on stage – focused I can see –I know who I am and where to look – I am connected to my talent – there is struggle but I persevere. Tonight, the Paris sky is as lovely as can be. Slashes of fiery red – grey clouds of night crawling home not to find it. And me? I have a destination but no direction – is to be lost part of the journey? Probably. I have been me so long I can’t stand it and yet I want to be no other. Yes, this sky is so lovely, and I am here now under it, changing with it – moving on.”

Excerpt from 2001 entry in Tinnitus Journals. A fascinating look at the interior life of a working musician, semi-famous, living in Paris, struggling with the ringing in his ears and the world in which we all live. Full of archival photos and lyrics from Elliott Murphy’s catalog of over forty albums and three-hundred songs in a career that has spanned the 20th and 21st Century for over fifty years.

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