Watch “Broken Poet”

Elliott Murphy - Broken Poet

The long-awaited Elliott Murphy film Broken Poet will come out on digital HD May 15 from Virgil Films and Entertainment exclusively through music site

 The Backstreets site boasts a large fan base for Bruce Springsteen, who along with his wife Patti Scialfa makes a cameo appearance in the film. Together with Springsteen, Elliott Murphy began his career in the early 1970’s when both singer-songwriters were proclaimed the “new Dylan.” His career has been focused in Europe for many years where he continues to tour and release more than thirty-five albums. He lives in Paris where he has often joined Bruce Springsteen on stage.

“On Broken Poet we are experimenting with going direct to the actual fan base, releasing before the national release,” said Virgil president and CEO Joe Amodei. “ is the go-to for every Springsteen fan, so we were lucky to get to work with them on the release and offer the exclusive.”

The film will have a wider digital release in the summer.

Broken Poet stars Elliott Murphy, Michael O’Keefe, Marisa Berenson, Joanna Preiss and Françoise Viallon and is the story of 1970s rock star Jake Lion, who is presumed dead in Paris until a former roadie happens to be riding in the Paris Metro 40 years after his much-publicized suicide and hears an aged street musician who sounds just like him. Rolling Stone sends a rock journalist to investigate, and she uncovers something unexpected. Produced by Traloinver Ltd. and Directed by Emilio Ruiz the film is based on an Elliott Murphy short story (who co-wrote the script) and was shot in both Paris and New York with a soundtrack by Elliott Murphy & Gaspard Murphy. Originally intended to premiere in March as the opening film of the 2020 New York City International Film Festival (cancelled due to the Corona pandemic) Broken Poet will finally be available.

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