Live In Bilbao Video

Elliott Murphy - Live in Bilbao

For August we have something special in the “On and On with Elliott” live recordings series: a video. Live in Bilbao is a wonderful duo show with Elliott and Olivier that shows the two at the top of their game, performing songs from throughout Elliott’s career.

Recorded on January 25, 2015 at Sala BBK in Bilbao, Spain.

Track List:

1. Benedict’s Blues
2. Hangin’ Out
3. Sweet Honky Tonk
4. Take That Devil Out Of Me
5. Little Big Man
6. Sonny
7. Take Your Love Away
8. You Never Know What You’re In For
9. Last Of The Rock Stars/Shout
10. And General Robert E. Lee
11. Even Steven
12. Come On Luann
13. Green River
14. Just A Story From America/Twist And Shout
15. Coming Home Again

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Download the show now.