Oxford Ale House 1977

Elliott Murphy - Oxford Ale House 1977

The “On and On with Elliott” download series continues with Oxford Ale House 1977. Recorded on November 1, 1977 at the Oxford Ale House in New Haven, Connecticut.

Elliott Says: “The ‘On and On with Elliott’ live concert download this month is from 1977 and please excuse the sound quality which includes a few sudden volume changes, but I think the historical significance of this show makes it a valuable addition to our series. This show was from a short-lived band which included my faithful bassist Ernie Brooks as well as Mike Braun (who later went on to play with Graham Parker), the great backing vocalist Jennifer Jacobson (who now goes by Jenna Torres and is still a great singer/songwriter) and Ralph Schuckett who sadly passed away earlier this year. Ralph was a major contributor to my album Night Lights and went on to be a founding member of Todd Rundgren’s band Utopia. I always hoped to see him again somewhere down the road and when it came to the great musicians I’ve played with Ralph was always a hero to me.”

1. Band Introductions
2. Just A Story From America (*Level Fluctuations*)
3. Band Introductions
4. Hollywood (*Level Fluctuations*)
5. Visions Of The Night (*Level Fluctuations*)
6. Rock Ballad
7. Poise ‘n Pen
8. Hangin’ Out
9. Diamonds by the Yard
10. Drive All Night
11. Never As Old As You
12. Rich Girls
13. It Feels Like
14. Lookin’ For a Hero
15. Last Call
16. Poise ‘n Pen

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