New “On and On with Elliott” Download Series

Elliott Murphy - Live At Club Domino

We’re very excited to announce a new series of live downloads from Elliott called “On and On with Elliott.” Each month we’ll offer a new download via the website. The music will be available as high-quality MP3 files or full CD resolution FLAC files. Keep in mind that most of these downloads have not been professionally mixed and/or mastered, so they won’t always have the same audio quality you might get from an “official” release. That said, we think you’ll find the music quite rewarding despite a few possible flaws here and there. These downloads will vary in length, content and time period and they are most certainly going to be of interest to all of Elliott’s fans.

To begin the series we are offering a complete concert recorded on March 5, 1989 at Club Domino in Schaffhausen, Switzerland which was broadcast live on the radio. The show features a classic trio lineup from the late 80s: Elliott on guitar, harmonica and vocals, Ernie Brooks on bass and Jesse Chamberlain on drums. 19 songs in all, almost two hours in length. The show contains lots of classic Elliott songs like “Last Of The Rock Stars,” “Diamonds By The Yard,” “Hollywood” and “Just A Story From America,” as well as new (then) songs from his recently released Change Will Come album. Special thanks to Bernard Marquet for the source files.

The downloads will be free, but if you enjoy them and want to help with some of the expenses, we are suggesting a donation of 5€ for the MP3 download and 8€ for the FLAC files.

Visit the “On and On with Elliott” page and download the first show now.